Hillside Hives Adopt-a-Bee Program


You can now adopt a few thousand pollinating friends!

Our program at a glance:

We are very excited to introduce the Hillside Hives Adopt-A-Bee program- an annual donation based honeybee share program to help support a thriving ecology of bees. The annual program will bring you right into the bee yard becoming a “virtual” beekeeper!

Adopting bees is a wonderful way to help these important pollinators who play such a crucial role in our environment! They are responsible for providing pollination for many of the foods we eat!


We also know the bees need our help. The devastating effects of Colony Collapse Disorder have taken a toll on these essential creatures, not to mention the effects of increased pesticide use and increases in harsh, resistant bee diseases.

Here is where YOU can help!



You can do something now to help the bees!

Many folks have reached out to me saying they want to help the bees, but do not have the time, have limited space, are afraid of bees, or could even be allergic to bees! This outreach has encouraged me to develop this program. Through your annual hive donation, you will be helping the beekeeper help the bees. In return, we will bring you right into the beekeeping experience- the life of a beekeeper!


Honey Bee Adoptions make great gifts!

Through our program, you can help support the bees by supporting our apiary! You can make out the donations to yourself or as a gift for another to enjoy. As we introduce this program, we have developed four levels of support. Each level comes with the benefit of increasing the bee population as well as some added perks. *All packages are for one year.


Support and Learn at the Same Time

This program is also designed for folks who want to be beekeepers! My goal is to make as many beekeepers out of this as possible to increase the number of bees in our world! Included in our program are access to videos on becoming a beekeeper through the eyes of this new beekeeper! The videos are filmed as we go through the season and advance based on your level of support! Some topics are tips on building or buying your beehive, lighting the smoker, installing your package of bees, hive checks, looking for disease, essential oils for mite treatment and prevention, and others!

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Hillside Hives Adopt-a-Bee Program Level Overview

Benefits Friend of the Bees Adopter Skinny Mini Adopter Brood Box Adopter Both Brood Boxes Adopter The Whole Hive Adopter
Hillside Hives Adopt-a-Bee Certificate X X X X X
Email newsletter with apiary updates X X X X X
Private Hillside Hives YouTube video to see apiary updates and beekeeping education X X X X X
You name your box or hive. Your name will be placed on the hive and picture emailed to you! X X X X
You name the queen! X X X
Virtual Beekeeping- private YouTube video of the beekeeper doing a hive maintenance inspection of your adopted hive box or hive! X X X X
A one-time in person hive inspection of your adopted hive here at Hillside Hives X


Honey * 1 lb 2 lb 3 lb 4 lb 5 lb
Cost (1 year adoption) $50 $100 $125 $250 $500
More info Click here for more info Click here for more info Click here for more info Click here for more info Click here for more info

****Added benefit- 20% off any Hillside Hives honey products when purchased directly through us for ALL level of adopters!!*****

Payment is through PalPal but you do NOT have to have a PalPay account to order! Pay with credit/debit through checkout or contact me for cash, check, money order or silver bullion (based on that day’s value- email me) transactions! mike@hillsidehives.com

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Friend of the Bees

The Friend of the Bee program helps to purchase and maintain beekeeping equipment for the Hillside Hives apiary.



Skinny Mini Adopter

The Skinny Mini Adopter is an adoption program where the adopter participates in building the apiary through these smaller hives.





Brood Box Adopter

The Brood Box Adopter program helps to support one of the nurseries of the beehive - the brood box! The health of the nursery is vital to the health of the colony so your support will be put to great use!





Both Brood Boxes Adopter

Adopting both brood boxes is like supporting the entire day care center of the beehive! The health of the "day care center" is vital to the health of the colony so your support will be put to great use!





The Whole Hive

This is the queen bee of all support- adopting the entire hive! Your support will help us maintain an entire beehive for the season from building the hive to watching it grow!


Want to help Hillside Hives but do not want to be part of the adoption program, please donate any amount below! Everything helps to support our apiary and our bees!




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