Welcome to Hillside Hives

I am a newish beekeeper who jumped into beekeeping with both feet- and I love it! I first became interested when I learned how vital these magnificent creatures are to our environment and society as a whole. Then I learned about their decline and decided we needed to do something about it.



Take a look around the site to see all our happenings here at the Hillside Hives apiary. I make my own beehives and sell them locally, as well as from our place. I also have set-up an adopt-a-bee program so YOU can help save the bees and become a virtual beekeeper- part of what you get (besides knowing you are helping the bees) is video updates of your adopted hive as we do hive checks!


Here is a little about us. Go to the About Us page for our entire story!

Hillside Hives: From an Idea to Reality

We are so fortunate in life to own a small urban farm with tons of gardens and a growing apiary. I had wanted bees for years but did not know an appropriate area on our ~1/4 in-town acreage. I was tapping our maple trees one cold spring day when I had an idea!IMG_1730

I saw the perfect area for bees- well at the time it was a vision of what would be a perfect place but would require some elbow grease!

Check out the rest of our story here!!IMG_0260



One of my favorite past times is to build beehives! I share my plans with other beekeepers so check out my Free Plans Page.  If you appreciate the plans and would like to donate to our apiary, feel free- we appreciate all the support!

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